Cliché Lessons

largeI wonder if you happen to notice, but cliché lessons are the hardest ones to learn.

Study what you love. Spend time with your family. Work hard. Keep trying…

They are slippery lessons: ones that you have to learn and relearn every single day. You listen to a TEDxtalk that made you want to change the world two years ago, and feel inspired all over again. This time with a slightly different version of reality: maybe you just want to change yourself; maybe you sign up for a yoga class. You read a book that made you want to become the next CEO like Howard Schultz the last summer, and get motivated all over again. This time with a totally different approach: you want to learn how to serve coffee. Human are such a forgetful and volatile species, aren’t they?

But maybe I’m not a grown-up yet. Maybe life has yet to deal a blow to me so hard that those cliché lessons are engraved in my mind, to the point that I don’t have to relearn any of them again.

Maybe someday I will find out…


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